Global Payments Europe Transport system fully supports season tickets method. Pre-sale or purchase of fixed season tickets is supported in both online (Ecommerce) and face to face environment. Secured association card registration is ensured using Global Payments token gate system, interfacing with Public Transport Operator’s (PTO) back office system.

Global Payments Europe transport features and strengths

  • Works with existing cards. Passengers will use the cards they already hold from their issuers. This will result in significant savings for the PTO’s as vast majority of passengers will not need another dedicated transport card for travel.
  • Technology & brand independent. Any bank issued contactless card, allowed for transport by issuer to be accepted, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Back-office based. In Global Payments Europe Transport, the bank card serves as a secured identifier and holds no transport-related information. All tickets, passes and discount group flags are stored centrally in a PTO’s back office. This differs from currently used dedicated transport cards (e.g. Oyster in London or Opencard in Prague), which are a card-centric architectures where all transport-related information is stored on the card itself.
  • Secure environment. Global Payments Europe TokenGate ensures a card number (PAN) tokenization method, which is implemented especially within PTO’s back-office, in order to facilitate PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Bank product portfolio expansion. It is proven that by associating card acceptance in public transport, the banks will offer new card products for currently unbanked population as well as children or low-income families, mainly in the form of prepaid cards.
  • PTO’s cost elimination. As association cards usage eliminates the need for issuing of dedicated transport cards and implementation of stored-value infrastructure, the relevant costs savings will prove bank cards to be the most cost-effective option for fare collection systems. Even where dedicated transport cards are already in operation, the savings might justify a migration towards bank cards.


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