Merchant Portal - Good decisions need great information

Our enhanced online Merchant Portal located at provides you with the full overview of your card transactions and allows you to download your statements in .pdf, .xlsx format and also some other documents.

This is very useful to reconcile and to review your payments and transactions which were submitted to Global Payments. It offers fast access to time-sensitive financial information and flexibility not available through paper reporting. All data is updated daily, individual transactions are shown with all corresponding details.
Merchant Portal - Global Payments


If you are already our client, log in below to view your business reporting.

While checking your payments and transactions, you can perform the following:

  • View payments between any time range
  • Summaries for selected payments
  • View transactions that make up a payment
  • Verify the successful receipt of your transactions
  • Search in financial data
  • Sort data by individual payment, transaction date, payment date, location, amount, terminals, etc.
  • View financials for all (or selected) locations
  • Data Analyses - Export and download financial information directly to your PC and use popular spreadsheet applications to analyze your data and transactions.

Manage and add users that can see various information about your business (store managers, accountants, etc.)

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