Technology Solutions for a Complex Payments World

Our Payments Technology

Global Payments European is one of the largest payment processors in the European market and has a well established reputation for outstanding customer service and superior technology.

We understand payments and technology behind the transaction. We are approachable, flexible and adaptable. And we know the critical importance of payments within the organization.

Our platform is highly scalable, reliable and secure, built for an environment where every single detail matters.

What We Offer

Global Payments Europe offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of processing cashless payments, including transaction processing of credit, debit and private cards; installation, maintenance and servicing of POS terminals and ATMs; and card issuing services such as database management and card personalization. We also provide innovative solutions for mobile payments and ecommerce.

Our Products and Services

As a full-service technology transaction processing provider, we offer a diverse suite of services.

  • Card Management System
  • Transaction authorization
  • Card personalization
  • PIN printing and mailing
  • ATM software development
  • ATM field support
  • POS software development
  • POS field support
  • Gift cards
  • Ecommerce solutions

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