Guest List is a feature-rich waitlist and reservation management system designed to help improve
restaurant efficiencies. A flexible, easy-to-use, cloud powered tool foraccurately managing wait lists,
table seating and online reservations – with no booking fees and no pagers. It untethers your guests,
employees and business from the inconvenience and cost of traditional guest list/reservation
management solutions.

Customer Experience

Superior Customer Experience

Offer exceptional customer experience with reduced wait times and eliminating the need to carry bulky pagers through a flexible, easy-to-use solution.

Management System

Robust Management System

From creating rules governing how reservations are handled to waitlist and assisted seating management, this cloud-powered solution has it all.


Highly Customizable

User-defined seating map can be customized to include icons identifying restroom, kitchen, entry/exit points and host stand locations.

Features You Can Depend On

Wait List

Automatically organizes waiting parties and gives detailed updates to hosts with a simple touch.

Text Message/Automated Calling Guest Alerts

Notifies waiting guests with text messaging or auto calling, without the need of clunky pager systems.

Advanced Seating Chart

Optimize table turn rates by managing tables, wait times, servers and reservations in real-time.


Generates reports from store data, providing valuable insights to the traffic patterns of the restaurant.

Online Reservations

Takes reservations on a website with no per head or per-party fees. It’s all included.

Real-time Floor Planning

Maximize seating capacity by making seating changes in real-time using an intuitive visual floor plan

Benefits to Your Business

  • Revenue Growth

    Automate loyalty program tracking, enhance marketing campaigns, increase foot traffic in your stores, and deliver consistent shopping experiences whether the customer is in-store, online or on a mobile device.

  • Cost Control

    Optimize inventory, manage labor schedules, and streamline administrative tasks — saving you money and improving the bottom line.

  • Smart Decision Making

    Analyze data by using our detailed reports to make smarter, more informed business decisions when it comes to purchasing, scheduling, and marketing.

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