Digital Dining serves the unique needs of the restaurant industry with its uncompromising functionalities
to increase productivity, minimize errors and drive profits for restaurateurs. Whether you operate one
restaurant or manage a multi-unit enterprise of up to 100 locations, your business can prosper with the
fast and secure Digital Dining point-of-sale (POS) solution. In addition to its powerful platform and
impressive customization capabilities, the Digital Dining interface is also user-friendly.

Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer exceptional customer service including reduced wait times, accurate orders and fast checkout.


Secure & Reliable

Our restaurant point of sale software is PA-DSS validated with built-in features for access control, activity monitoring, and secure transmissions.


Highly Customizable

Choose the POS features and interface configuration for different workstations or departments and customize check printing, prep tickets, and reports as needed.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS

Equipping your staff with mobile POS devices running our digital suite can streamline processes, increase efficiencies and ultimately, increase profits.

Features You Can Depend On

Fast and simple checkout

Configure the interface, add modifiers and combo pricing to help your staff get orders and pricing right while completing transactions quickly.

Inventory control

Efficiently monitor inventory levels and reduce waste with Digital Dining inventory management – A feature rich module that lower costs and increase profits.

Labor scheduling and management

From report and budget generation to secure clock-ins and staff information maintenance, Digital Dining’s Labor Scheduling module provides the tools you need to simplify your restaurant labor management.

Order fulfillment/kitchen display system (KDS) management

Individual order items are transmitted to the proper prep station in the kitchen so meals are perfectly timed.

Online ordering

Integrated online ordering automatically enters customer orders into your system, saving labor to enter them and avoiding transcription errors.

Customizable menus and pricing

Easily change or add menu items and configure modifiers along with pricing. Smart ordering automatically combines orders into combos when applicable.

Detailed business reporting

View sales, customer, and menu trend reports that can provide insights into cash shortages, comps, voids and overtime.


Our payment solutions integrate seamlessly with most point-of-sale systems on the market.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Improve efficiency & productivity

    Digital Dining is designed to enable your staff to take orders and payments quickly and accurately and turn tables faster.

  • Access key business data anytime, anywhere

    Manage inventory, schedule labor, and monitor sales or other metrics through the Digital Dining Dashboard.

  • Centralize multiple location management

    Manage POS system definitions, menu items, pricing, and more all from a single dashboard. You can update data packages to multiple locations simultaneously via the Internet.

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