Online Payments

Boost donations with event-based and year-round giving

Online Payments eliminates the need to manually process registration and credit card payments by rolling both activities into one easy process that attendees and donors do themselves online. Your registrants and donors will all get immediate registration or payment confirmation via the web. Online Payments makes it easy to maintain the look and feel of your Website on each Online Payments page.

Leverage Online Payments for more than your once-a-year event —without a big time investment on your end – by creating donor pages for year-round online giving to get even more from your investment.

How You Benefit with Online Payments


Customize Greater Giving Online Payments pages to blend into your website look and feel. Make changes and updates at your convenience

Easy Planning and Management

Instant event ticket management and table inventory capabilities


Create colourful, attractive, and easy-to-navigate websites; promote sponsors and create, send and store promotional and thank-you emails

Drive Additional Revenue

Build professional-looking documents, like catalogs and bid sheets. Produce customized, itemized receipts at event

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