Online Bidding

Connect more people to your cause with an all-in-one, secure online fundraising solution

Online Bidding introduces the best facets of the mobile bidding experience—ease of use and heightened competition—to your gala auction, adding new enthusiasm to your fundraiser and a way to raise more funds. And after the big event, Online Bidding provides you with all of the tools necessary to host an online auction.

With Online Bidding, you can raise more money, get more bids, create a better guest experience, broaden your reach, engage more and save time and reduce hassles.

How You Benefit with Online Bidding

Your own, mobile-optimized event

Your mobile bidding enabled auction site is mobile optimized, so bidders can conveniently search, browse, and bid right from their phone

Multiple Leaderboard displays

Use multiple, independent leaderboard displays to keep your audience updated on bidding activity, and increase participation during the fund-a-need.

Buy Now

Allow bidders to purchase packages for a fixed price.

Image Gallery

Add multiple images to each package for more visual appeal.

Laptops and tablet bidding

Attendees who do not own or wish to use smart phones can place bids on laptops or tablets in the room

Sponsor logo display

Optimize sponsorship opportunities by displaying sponsor logos on bidders’ screens and leaderboards.

Bid Tracking

"Watch" a package to track it on the "Favorites" page, without placing a bid.

Package Status

Clearly see bidding updates on main image with bright and clear flags.

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