Mobile POS

Accept donations no matter where your event or donors are located

The landscape of charitable giving is changing. With so many convenient ways to pay, Canadians are increasingly moving away from cash and charities and non-profit organizations need new, more convenient ways to generate donations.

Global Payments’ Mobile POS includes features designed specifically for charitable and non-profit organizations, providing a simple, efficient means of collecting donations. Increase the frequency of donations and donation amounts, as supported are no longer restricted to cash on hand.

How You Benefit with Mobile POS

Fixed Donation Amounts

Makes it quick and easy for supporters to donate, helping to increase the number of donations

Editable Receipt Footers

Provide a full customized, branded experience, while providing additional details required for taxation purposes

Donor Data Collection

Helps you learn more about your supporters and inform your future fundraising and communication strategies

In-App Generated Sales Reports

Measure campaign results; easily export data into other systems / tools for further analysis and/or reconciliation

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