Event Software Online

Manage your entire fundraising event online

Our Fundraising Event Software will help you easily track all the details related to your event. Use these solutions to turn your tablet or laptop into a register anywhere at your event, processing transactions, pulling reports, and giving you a 360-degree view of your auction.

Event Software is a secure, cloud-based solution that users can access from anywhere. Staff and volunteers can enter donor, sponsor, volunteer, and business contact data and manage your event planning and execution from anywhere at any time, so you fully leverage precious time and resources.

How You Benefit with Event Software Online


Work on your event from anywhere at any time, using an Internet connection

Easy Planning and Management

Capture, centralize, track and manage benefit event or auction details. Assign tables and create seating arrangements

Event Tracking

Track event sponsors, bidders, donors, registration and procurement. Measure success year-to-year for improved planning over time

Event Promotion

Create colourful, attractive, and easy-to-navigate websites; promote sponsors and create, send and store promotional and thank-you emails

Professional and Customized Documents

Build professional-looking documents, like catalogs and bid sheets. Produce customized, itemized receipts at event


Create export files specifically formatted for the leading donor management systems

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