Streamline your entire event, automating tasks to provide a welcoming, relaxed experience.

Auctionpay automates many of your check-in and check-out tasks, so staff and volunteers can be more welcoming and relaxed with event guests.

Guests can chose to pre-register their card at check-in and breathe easy for the rest of the evening, knowing that their check-out and item pick-up will be fast and effortless. To collect on-site payments, use the Mobile Card Reader in conjunction with the Greater Giving app, available for download from either the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.

Registration, cashiering, and post-event reconciliation are all automated with Auctionpay.

How You Benefit with Auctionpay


Guests swipe credit cards at registration; information is securely stored

Fast Payments

Process funds immediately after your event and receive funds within a few business days


Guests can pre-register credit cards at registration; card data is linked to the guest’s bidder number for easy tracking during the event

Enhanced Guest Experience

At the end of the event, guests verify successful buds and pick up their purchases – skipping the cashier and dramatically reducing lines, for an improved experience

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