Chip Quick Tips

Steps to Complete a Chip Transaction

  1. Cardholder inserts chip card into chip-enabled terminal or external PIN Pad
    1. Chip side up
    2. Chip in first
    3. Chip card remains in terminal or PIN Pad until transaction complete.
      1. Cardholder follows prompts to complete transaction.
      2. Cardholder is prompted to remove chip card.
        1. Merchant checks receipt to see if signature is required.

Remember to always follow the prompts as directed by the terminal.

PIN Failure

If your customer exceeds the number of PIN attempts, always follow the terminal prompts. This usually results in a request for signature or a declined response. If declined, ask your customer for another form of payment. Note: direct your customers to contact their Card Issuing Bank for PIN changes.

Chip Pointers for Chip-Enabled POS Terminals

If you are presented a chip card, always use the chip whenever possible. If you have swiped a chip card, and the terminal displays “Use Chip Reader”, press CANCEL to restart the transaction. Select transaction type and then instruct the cardholder to insert their card into the chip reader.

If the terminal displays “Application Not Available” or “Use Mag Stripe” during a chip transaction, remove the card and then press ENTER/OK. Select the transaction type and proceed using magnetic stripe. If terminal displays “Override chip requirement?”, select YES.

Application Selection

Some chip cards may be programmed for multiple uses. For these cards, cardholder will be prompted to select the method of payment and then follow terminal prompts to complete transaction.

Internal PIN Pad versus External PIN Pad

All cardholder data entry will be conducted on the device where the chip card is inserted. If you have a chip reader on both your terminal and PIN Pad, only one will be active and is dependent on your POS configuration.

PIN versus Signature

For both credit and debit chip cards using PIN, the receipt will usually indicate that a signature is not required. Please follow terminal prompts and check the receipt to determine if a signature is required.