Our Commitment

Global Payments is committed to serving the communities around the world in which we live and work by providing resources to improve financial preparedness and literacy, promote good health initiatives including preventative care and well-being programs, emphasize education and continuous learning, and support disaster relief efforts.

Our Purpose

We strive to integrate corporate citizenship into every aspect of our company in order to:

Empower and encourage our employees and others to serve their communities

Leverage our resources, talent, global reach and expertise to create meaningful change

Ensure that society benefits from our company's commitment to make a difference around the world

Global Payments' Corporate Citizenship Goals

Global Payments' philanthropic efforts are focused on financial literacy, health, education and disaster relief. We believe that by supporting these common societal issues and concerns, we will be able to help individuals, businesses and communities overcome barriers to economic growth. We support a variety of organizations and programs that help create and sustain commerce around the world, helping to achieve positive economic outcomes wherever we may live or work.

Participation and Involvement

Current Corporate Sponsorships

Global Payments is committed to supporting and nurturing programs that serve a global community in the each of the following areas.

Financial Preparedness and Literacy

We believe in the critical importance of financial literacy. We fund programs that not only provide assistance but also promote independence and well-being for individuals and small businesses that lack access to information, resources and related services.


We support initiatives and programs that promote good health and preventative care. We focus on programs that help individuals and families cope with chronic health issues as well as programs dedicated to physical or mental disabilities (congenital or acquired), covering impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions.

Education and Continuous Learning

In addition to the financial literacy programs, we emphasize education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) programs.

Disaster Relief

Global Payments has a longstanding commitment to helping people affected by major natural disasters and humanitarian crises. In these difficult times, we work with our humanitarian response partners to direct funds to the people and places in greatest need.

Request Sponsorship or Support from Global Payments

Financial or volunteer support will be considered for organizations that ensure the best use of our resources and serve the areas of concern under the umbrella of our Corporate Citizenship Program: financial literacy, health, education and disaster relief.

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