An All-In-One Pos Solution, All In One Box

Tablet POS-In-A-Box is a complete, all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) solution, offering you the features and benefits of a fully-integrated POS, in a simple, cost-effective “plug-and-play” system. Tablet POS-In-A-Box integrates a full-function Windows® tablet (choose either 10” or 15”), loaded with a robust POS application, with Global Payments’ Semi-Integrated iCT250si POS terminal, a Vasario™ cash drawer and Epson® receipt printer.

Tablet Point-Of-Sale
Designed For Retailers
And Restaurateurs

Tablet POS-In-A-Box offers a simple and modern alternative to a traditional integrated restaurant and retail POS system. An affordable solution delivering the features your business wants without the need to purchase separate hardware and software, costly integration or lengthy certification.

Your business can benefit from:

  • All-in-one solution, to get you up and running quickly and easily
  • Full credit, debit and cash acceptance
  • EMV contactless acceptance with contactless tipping
  • Integrated inventory and customer management modules
  • Employee shift and sales performance tracking
  • Daily email reports and on-demand historical reporting

Take Payments, Track
Inventory, Schedule
Employees And More!

The solution features:

  • Dozens of modes and modules, as well as intuitive custom add-ons
  • Visual touchscreen menu
  • Efficient inventory and table management tools
  • Robust technical support, including remote access for instant troubleshooting
  • Multi-language support, including English, French and Mandarin

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