Gain Insights About Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Customers

The insights needed to help you compete for their business and their attention is now on demand via the new Local Market Intelligence (LMI) from Mastercard Advisors and Global Payments. LMI provides insights to help drive important business decisions about your operations, marketing and personnel.

Benefit From Competitive Insights and Detailed Customers Analytics

LMI is a platform that gives you a performance dashboard loaded with key metrics and insights that can increase the strength and value of customer relationships. By giving a central dashboard view of your store level performance compared to a competitive set of similar businesses, it will define overall revenue, market share, and customer spend at competitive locations, leveraging Mastercard’s secure, anonymized and aggregated transactional data.

Local Market Intelligence Focuses on Three Key Areas of Your Business:

    1.  How is my business performing?
    Store-level basics include average spend per customer, marketshare and customer spend with your competitors. 
    2.  How loyal are my customers?
    Customer centric data may include: average days between visits, repeat customer share and new customer behavior.* 
    3.  How can I get more customers?
    Compare your performance to that of similar businesses where their customers spend using your performance and your customer metrics. Benchmarking is based on current month.

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