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Attract International Customers

HomeCurrencyPay dynamic currency conversion solution offers a new opportunity to welcome high-spending international cardholders who prefer to pay for their Visa® and MasterCard® purchases in their home currency. Whether your customers are vacationing in Canada or traveling on business, they’ll have a powerful incentive to visit you every time.

HomeCurrencyPay Benefits Overview:

With HomeCurrencyPay, your international customers can immediately find out the precise amount of their card transactions in their own card billing currencies, giving them greater confidence and budgeting convenience when making purchases.


Additional Benefits:

  • Higher sales – Flexible payment options help drive more business and repeat customers; provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Enhanced customer service – Customers appreciate the choice to pay in their home currency; helps your international customers budget when traveling abroad
  • Cost savings – Receive HomeCurrencyPay credits on every dynamic currency conversion transaction, helping to offset your business costs

Your Customers Will Benefit From:

  • No surprises! Real-time currency conversion to the customer’s home currency
  • Comfort and convenience of knowing the exact amount of their purchase at the time of payment; business travelers benefit from easier expense reconciliation
  • Competitive exchange rates

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