Research shows that loyal customers spend more, serve as an ambassador for your brand and are less likely to be drawn to a competitor’s promotion.


With Global Payments Gift+Rewards, you can boost sales with each occasion, attracting new customers and incremental spend to your business. By nurturing your existing customers with a rewards-based marketing program, you give them the incentive to remain loyal.


With Gift+Rewards you’ll help your business prosper by either upgrading a current program to build brand awareness or establishing a program that drives customer engagement

Choose a Program that’s Right for Your Business

Load-Based Spending Card

Offer the perfect gift for any occasion.

Boost sales and increase customer visits, with gift cards custom designed for you and your brand.

Points-Based Rewards

This customizable, easy-to-use program

rewards points to encourage both customer

spend and visits.

How Your Business Benefits




With Gift+Rewards You Can

  • Turn good customers into loyal customers
  • Boost business with increased sales and customers visits
  • Reward customers for investing in your business
  • Gain a powerful way to compete and keep you customers from moving to the competition
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Receive funds in 3.8 days on average, versus 54 days with cheque; Mastercard “Sales FAQ”, 2013