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Introducing Bluetooth-Enabled iWL250B Short-Range Wireless POS

First to market in Canada, we are pleased to offer the iWL250B Short-Range Wireless point-of-sale (POS). The iWL250B is a small, sleek and highly portable Bluetooth® device, perfectly suited to restaurants offering table-side, curb-side and patio service.

Portable POS Solution For Faster Customer Checkout

An excellent solution for retailers who want to accept payments throughout their location or set up temporary payment locations, the iWL250B is great for sidewalk sales, special events or pretty much anywhere a line forms.

Additional Benefits

  • Greater speed and convenience provide a positive customer shopping experience and faster service at the checkout translates into efficiency and cost savings
  • Provides high visibility and ease-of-use, making it easy for merchants and their customers to use in all environments
  • Provides superior service
  • Makes it quick and easy for customers to tip and speeds the transaction process
  • Protects customer data and greatly reduces merchants’ exposure to fraud and potential chargebacks
  • Allows Global Payments to pre-configure all of the merchant’s preferences and quickly download changes
  • Masking card information on transaction receipts helps prevent account use fraud and protects customers' information
  • Merchants have convenient, secure and immediate access to research and reconcile transaction and settlement information, obtain monthly chargeback notifications and draft requests – all with point-and-click ease
wireless POS terminal
wireless POS terminal

Features Of iWL250B Short-Range Wireless POS

This small, sleek and highly portable Bluetooth device is perfectly suited to restaurants and retailers. Up to 5 handheld devices can share one receiving base.

Additional Features

  • Vivid full-colour display and large, backlit buttons
  • Supports Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • UnionPay® card acceptance
  • Built-in advanced tipping functionality, including choice of three preset percentage options, and free form percentage and dollar amount
  • EMV and PCI PTS V2 certified
  • Remote terminal management feature
  • Account Truncation/Expiry Date Suppression masking card information on transaction receipts

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