Card Information Verification

  • Card number or PAN (Primary Account Number)
  • Carrier name
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Security code

Care when Making A Sale

  • The credit card is personal and not transferable and must not be used by third parties
  • Keep the card in your possession until the end of the sale
  • If you have questions regarding the carrier, ask for a photo ID to ensure that is the same person that is buying
  • Do not store transaction data, especially the security code
  • Do not send card data by any means of the Internet such as e-mail, social networks, Skype, etc.
  • Demand your suppliers that handle card data to be certified by PCI
  • Keep your network environment secure with firewalls blocking access to business data
  • Restrict and encrypt remote access
  • If you suspect the Tech Support Person, call the technical support and confirm the call


Preventing Fraud

Losing any amount of money to fraud is too much. From merchant chargebacks to higher operating costs, fraud affects us all. The most efficient place to prevent fraud is at the point of sale, by making sure your employees follow these simple guidelines for every credit card transaction:

Always Remember The Basic Safety Items

Use unique and efficient passwords; change them frequently

Do not open suspicious links received by email or found online

Use up to date firewall and antivirus technologies