Streamline Large Volume Recurring Payments

When processing large volumes of card-not-present transactions on a regular basis, you need a secure and cost-efficient payment solution to authorise and process large amounts of payment data to achieve superior customer service and operational efficiency.

Recurring Payment Benefits and Features

Create Bulk Payment Files from Any Platform

Our Recurring Payment (gateway-based) processing service enables you to create bulk payment files from any hardware and software platform through our state-of-the-art encryption technology, ensuring secure data transmission to our processing system.

Additional Benefits

  • Receive payments on time – recurring payments are seamlessly collected from your customers through a few simple and secure procedures, improving the financial flexibility and cash flow for your business
  • Receive funds faster – receive funds earlier through same-day authorization processing
  • Save time – significantly shorten payment processing time than manual handling
  • Lower credit risks and collection costs – receive timely fund settlements and free up your staff from chasing after outstanding accounts
  • Reduce administrative work – free up your staff to focus on other priority tasks with our highly automated batch payment process
  • Minimize errors – all transactions are transmitted and processed in a single file, preventing your business from omitting individual payments
  • Increase sales – allow you to offer attractive payment terms to your customers
  • Provide better customer service – enable your customers to meet billing schedules with hassle-free direct debit arrangements

Features of Recurring Payments

  • Powerful system capabilities - accommodate transaction volume of almost any size
  • Flexible billing options - lets you create and transmit your batch files and define the charging period and frequency specific to your business needs
  • Secure transmission - transaction data are encrypted for better protection
  • Efficient authorisation - allows same-day multiple file submissions
  • User-friendly interface - supports flexible file retrieval and transmission functions
  • Reliable technical support - 24/7 file transmission and process monitoring

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