Omnichannel Capability

You can accept Android Pay via these channels:

Physical Store*

*Only compatible with selected cards and contactless terminals depending on local country's availability

Mobile App

A Guide to Understand Android Pay

Take a look at the user profile & spending preference of Android device users and see if they are your potential customers!

What types of businesses are suitable for Android Pay?

Android device users tend to be down to earth. They prefer to spend on practical pursuits like utilities and necessities. Therefore, Android Pay is suitable for merchants with moderate transaction size.

High Worldwide Market Share

The device adoption is highest in the world with 73% of users dominating smartphone market.

Top Spending Categories of Android Pay Users

Here list out the favorite spending categories of Android Pay users. Check it out if your business is any one of them?

Electric Bicycle

Financial Products

Health Products

Types of Merchants Preferred by Android Pay Users

These are top 3 favorite merchants Android Pay users love to purchase at :

Omni Channel Acceptance

Physical Store Merchants

Merchants with NFC contactless terminals are able to support this payment solution for Android smartphone users.

Mobile Applications Merchants

With this cutting edge digital wallet, Android smartphone users can enjoy a faster and simpler checkout process. This can result in an increase in the number of sales transactions completed. Get ready to provide greater convenience for Android smartphone users on-the-go!


Merchants who support Google Pay will be able to offer a payment solution to your customers. With Google Pay, customers can simply unlock their phone, place it near your contactless terminal and they’re ready to go. They won't even need to open an app. Google Pay’s tap and pay is that easy. With in app payments, customers only need to select "Buy with Google Pay" and online checkout with just a tap.


Android Pay doesn’t send the customer’s actual credit or debit card number with their payment information. Instead, Android Pay uses a virtual account number to represent the customer’s information – and Global Payments fully supports the processing of this information in a way that is compatible with cutting-edge industry standards.

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