What Is BusinessView

This is our secure data retrieval and management information tool that provides 24-hour online access to your reporting and transaction information at your fingertips.

It provides you with an instant snapshot of your business through a wide range of handy widgets for quick reports, analytics and a dashboard-style intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and available on the homepage. The reports can be downloaded in a CSV, Excel and PDF format to be saved or printed. The platform has been designed to ensure we can provide future enhancements

Transactions can be viewed at a high level or can be drilled down to individual or specific transaction level.

Business Benefits

The portal provides you with immediate, convenient and secure access to current and historical business information. The benefits of BusinessView include:

  • 24/7 secure browser-based application with unique User ID and password protection.

  • Assists reconciliation efforts with next-day, online transaction data, streamlining operations by eliminating time-consuming manual lookups.

  • Ability to research, manage or conduct multiple searches using a variety of search fields saving you time.

  • Allow multiple users and locations set-ups for your business support team with selected access control by yourself.

  • Minimises training requirements with an intuitive interface and search features available through the portal.

  • Exportable data which can be sliced and diced.