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The Internet provides individuals, traditional merchants and large companies the opportunity to sell products to a large worldwide customer base in a fast-growing electronic environment. Our ecommerce options offer merchants of all sizes secure and reliable online payment processing solutions that can be integrated to meet their unique needs and provide a seamless customer experience.


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Global Transport®Secure ecommerce is an innovative and cost-effective product suite for small to mid-size merchants looking to integrate ecommerce payment processing into their business. This solution makes it easy for merchants in the online space to accept secure credit card payments from their Web sites and provides a seamless experience for the consumer, increasing customer conversions at checkout. CONTACT GLOBAL PAYMENTS TO GET STARTED Learn More

The product suite contains three ecommerce variations:

  • Global Transport – Secure Page: A secure, cloud-based solution for credit card transaction processing from merchant Web sites utilizing HTML. It uses patented HTML Clone® technology allowing the secure payment page to maintain identical branding of the merchant Web site. Learn More Learn More

  • Global Transport Secure Form: A secure, cloud-based solution for credit card transaction processing from Web-based payment applications utilizing non-HTML technology, such as Adobe® Flash® or Java. The product places a secure payment form within a “frame” on the Web page connecting directly into the Global Payments secure site. Learn More Learn More

  • Global Transport Secure Shopping Cart Plug-Ins: Simple ecommerce payments integration to the Global Transport Secure Page solution through industry-leading online shopping carts including the Magento®, X-Cart®, ZenCart® and osCommerce®. The shopping cart payment page enables design continuity between the merchant Web site and customer checkout page by maintaining identical branding, look and feel.
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