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Take Charge - Protection from Credit Card Fraud


Global Payments never sends eMails requesting customer passwords or log in credentials. Protect your personal information and never click on unsolicited web links provided in an eMail or other correspondence.

Information Security Frequently Asked Questions

Preventing Fraud

Losing any amount of money to fraud is too much! From merchant chargebacks to higher operating costs, fraud affects us all. The most efficient place to prevent fraud is at the point of sale, by making sure your employees follow these simple guidelines for every credit card transaction:

GP Follow Procedures
GP Check the Card
GP Learn Fraud Signals
GP Good Practices
GP Business Owner, Beware
GP When the Card Is Not Present, Caution Should Be Taken!
GP When You Use Credit Cards...
GP Avoiding Shoplifting

Fraud Awareness

The Global Payments Fraud Awareness Guide is available to assist in preventing fraud before it ever happens. This guide is an excerpt from the Global Payments Card Acceptance Guide. Both documents are available for download below:

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