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North Brunswick, NJ, May 17, 2004 -The New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA), the official body of organized dentistry in New Jersey, announced today the endorsement of HealthCard Systems as its transaction processing partner of choice for itself, as well as its membership of almost 5,000 dentists statewide.

For more than 133 years, the NJDA has served and supported its members in fostering the advancement of quality and ethical oral healthcare, while simultaneously ensuring that the highest quality dental care is provided to the public.

This is the first time NJDA has officially endorsed a credit card processor, after having rigorously engaged in a selection process in order to bring the most meaningful and cost-effective partner to its members. Having completed a thorough examination of many qualified candidates, HealthCard Systems, of Rochelle Park, New Jersey, was chosen for its unique healthcare industry focus, state-of-the-art technology, strong New Jersey presence and overall value to membership.

According to NJDA President Jeffrey H. Rempell, DMD, HealthCard Systems presents a meaningful processing alternative for the dental industry. “We feel HealthCard Systems is a company that understands and anticipates the needs of dentists in New Jersey. In addition to a high level of provider support, HealthCard's processing solutions are sophisticated, flexible and compatible with most healthcare-specific software platforms,” explains Dr. Rempell. The NJDA also firmly believes in supporting New Jersey companies. “HealthCard Systems is based in New Jersey and has a strong statewide presence that speaks directly to our commitment to supporting the state's economy,” adds Dr. Rempell.

HealthCard Systems focuses exclusively on the unique transaction processing needs of the healthcare industry. Escalating processing costs, unpredictable statement fees and a general unfamiliarity with the inherent needs of the healthcare industry, have all contributed to ongoing confusion and mounting operational costs for individual dentists and healthcare facilities. HealthCard's proprietary processing system has been developed to address these industry concerns by providing cost-effective transaction processing programs that streamline services, eliminate confusion, reduce operating costs, and minimize staff involvement.

“The ramifications of unmanageable industry costs and other growing challenges are far-reaching to everyone - from patients to providers who often feel the negative effects. HealthCard Systems has set a new credit and debit card processing standard within the industry, bringing about an important change that will have meaningful financial and operational impact for all involved. We thank the NJDA for their support and look forward to working with their membership,” said HealthCard Systems Chief Executive Officer David H. Schwartz.

The New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA) is the premiere membership organization for dentists in New Jersey. Founded in 1870, the NJDA is headquartered in North Brunswick and serves and supports its nearly 5,000 members and fosters the advancement of quality, ethical oral healthcare for the public. NJDA's web address is

Rochelle Park, NJ, April 19, 2004 -NationalCard Processing Systems announced today the signing of a merchant credit card processing agreement with Spencer Savings Bank of Elmwood Park, New Jersey. The agreement calls for NationalCard to process and assist in the bank's marketing efforts for soliciting and signing new merchant clients for credit and debit card processing as well as provide all support functions associated with the ongoing servicing of these commercial accounts.

“Spencer Savings is a community bank in North Jersey with over 1.4 billion dollars in total assets and has served the local communities for over 60 years; Spencer will make meaningful inroads by enhancing their overall suite of product offerings,” said Robert J. Abate, Executive Vice President of NationalCard's Agent Bank group.

“We are pleased to have finalized this agreement with NationalCard and look forward to combining our resources in order to benefit our customer base. NationalCard's reputation for high quality service and support uniquely fits into our ongoing marketing efforts which will undoubtedly enhance Spencer's overall position in the marketplace,” said John Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking.

Rochelle Park, NJ, April 12, 2004 -NationalCard Processing Systems announced today the signing of a credit card processing agreement with Union Center National Bank of Union, New Jersey. The agreement allows for NationalCard to process for all of the banks business entities who accept credit cards from their customers, as well as processing cash advance transactions for the bank's branches.

“Union Center National Bank has an 80 year history in their serving area and a reputation of strength and stability. We are genuinely excited over the prospect of partnering in this endeavor,” said Robert Abate, Executive Vice President of NationalCard's Agent Bank group.

“Our customer base and the service they receive is our highest priority and NationalCard has demonstrated a unique ability to accommodate these service requirements we have set for ourselves,” said John McGowan, Senior Vice President of Union Center National Bank. Today's technological advancements require a processor that understands the changing landscape and adapts quickly to maintain conformity and cost effective pricing.

Rochelle Park, NJ, April 02, 2004 -NationalCard Processing Systems announced today their first anniversary benchmark in credit card processing for Sussex Bank of New Jersey. The agreement calls for NationalCard to process for all of Sussex Bank's merchants and various business entities throughout northwestern New Jersey.

“This first year in partnering with Sussex Bank has proved to be both challenging and mutually beneficial. Our collective efforts have been rewarded by Sussex Bank's decision to contractually continue this partnership for an additional two years,” said Robert Abate, Executive Vice President of NationalCard's Agent Bank group.

“Simply stated, NationalCard has delivered what they said they would deliver, competitive pricing and superior performance for our merchant base which has doubled in size through our collective efforts during the first year of NationalCard's management,” said James Ciaravolo, Senior Vice President of Sussex Bank. “Additionally, with NationalCard's help, we have refocused our overall efforts to the specific needs of our customer base by providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with extraordinary service.”

Rochelle Park, NJ, February, 2004 -HealthCard Systems, LLC and HealthPlan Systems, Inc. announced today the formation of DirectCare Systems, LLC, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) healthcare industry service organization. DirectCare Systems offers comprehensive payer software, web-based provider systems, clearinghouse services and a full range of credit/debit card acceptance capabilities for healthcare payers and providers.

Each with an industry reputation for excellence and technological innovation, HealthCard Systems and HealthPlan Systems contribute valuable resources, experienced management teams and unique industry insight poised to set a new paradigm in electronic data interchange for the healthcare industry.

The company's products will streamline and automate the patient visit - from eligibility verification to payment. DirectCare Systems' customized products take the individual administrative, financial and clinical functions naturally associated with a provider's office, and roll them into one multi-function, HIPAA compliant, automated point-of-care software EDI solution.

“DirectCare Systems' embedded or integrated components for practice management software will significantly enhance and facilitate the healthcare industry's method of payer-provider, electronic communication and compliance of federally mandated 'Administrative Simplification' rules (HIPAA),” according to Hassan Mohaideen, MD, Chairman of DirectCare Systems.

Brian Cutler has been appointed Executive Vice President and Product Director for the newly-formed DirectCare Systems. Formerly founder and Executive Vice President of EDIT, Cutler has built a well-earned reputation for providing visionary and cost-effective practice management solutions to the healthcare industry.

“Brian brings a keen understanding and possesses a unique insight into the needs, challenges and objectives of the industry,” explains HealthCard Systems Chief Executive Officer, Richard Spigai. “This valuable experience, coupled with the merged technological resources of two industry-leading companies will result in an unprecedented and multi-functional, automated point-of-care software solutions.”

HealthCard Systems, deemed the “preferred credit card processor for the healthcare industry,” focuses solely on the unique transaction processing needs of the healthcare industry. HealthCard's proprietary processing system has been developed to address growing challenges within the industry by providing cost-effective transaction processing programs that streamline services, eliminate confusion, reduce operating costs, minimize staff involvement, and enhance cash flow.

HealthPlan Systems is a leader in the development of administrative software for the healthcare industry and offers a comprehensive suite of administrative software products that allow insurance companies, TPAs, and IPAs to reach HIPAA compliance, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Health Plan Systems is one of an elite group of companies to have its software certified by ClarediTM, a national third-party organization that accredits entities that send or receive HIPAA-regulated transactions.

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